About BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals

BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals provides rescue medicines typically used in emergency rooms and intensive care units to treat patients for whom there are limited treatment options. 

We are dedicated to delivering quality medicines that make a real difference to patients and their families through the development, manufacture, and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. Our current portfolio of antidotes counteract certain snake venoms and the toxicity associated with some heart and cancer medications. 

We are actively researching new uses for our products and seek opportunities to license or acquire additional products that enable specialist physicians to serve their patients better.

Our History

BTG has long considered itself a “journey company” and made our mark in the field of medicine in many ways before focusing on rescue medicines.  Click below to learn more about how we became BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals.

  • In the 1940s the “British Technology Group” was set up by the UK government to commercialise inventions from UK universities and the newly-formed NHS.  BTG was the original “tech transfer office,” helping to commercialise technology ranging from agricultural equipment to mobile phones.  We made notable contributions to the medical field, helping bring to market the MRI, cephalosporin antibiotics, interferon, cholesterol assay tests, and three-part knee replacements among other inventions.

    In 1992 the group was spun out of government and took on the name BTG plc when it was publicly listed in ’95.  Following a strategic review in 2005, BTG plc focused on life sciences and began investing in specialty pharmaceuticals, notably through the acquisition of Protherics, another listed UK company, and establishment of a commercial and medical infrastructure in the US.

    For several years BTG plc focused on minimally invasive procedures growing out of advances in medical imaging technology. BTG invested in a portfolio of devices to treat patients with cancer, vascular disease, and emphysema. In 2019 BTG plc was acquired by Boston Scientific, a global medical technology leader. In 2021 Boston Scientific divested BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals.

    Today BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals is part of SERB Specialty Pharmaceuticals, a leading European specialty pharmaceutical group focused on prescription medicines that address rare and life-threatening diseases. BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals has a portfolio of market-leading emergency care products, including CroFab®, Voraxaze®, and DigiFab®. These products are sold primarily in the United States through internal sales, marketing, The company has best-in-class capabilities in polyclonal antibody development and manufacturing with facilities in Wales, Australia, and Utah.


2021SERB completes acquisition of BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals to create a global leader in critical care medicines


BTG plc acquired by Boston Scientific. BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals becomes a division of Boston Scientific
2018BTG announce replacement policy for expired CroFab®; Crofab® label update extends shelf life to 5 years and removes all references to mercury
2016New research published on treating Copperhead envenomation
2008BTG plc acquires Protherics plc 
2006BTG plc divests majority of the physical sciences IP portfolio
2005Strategic business review leads BTG plc to focus on life sciences
2002US launch of DigiFab®, a treatment for the toxic effects of over dosage with the heart drug digoxin
2001US launch of CroFab® (crotalidae polyvalent immune fab (ovine)), the first new rattlesnake antivenom on the US market in 50 years
1995BTG plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange 
1992BTG is privatised
1981BTG is formed from the merger of the National Research & Development Council and the National Enterprise Board
1948National Research Development Corporation founded by UK government to commercialise publicly funded research