BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to promoting excellence in patient care and providing support for education and researchto the medical community. We demonstrate this commitment by awarding grants for continuing medical education (CME) events and independent scientific and medical research.

Our Global Grants Programme is not influenced by BTG’s commercial interests and grants are connected to topics, events, societies or independent research and must meet certain objectives that are relevant to BTG’s business and/or therapeutic classes.

We support educational activities that are objective, balanced and scientifically rigorous and ensure all these events are beneficial to the medical or scientific community, and advance patient care.

We operate according to the highest standards to ensure our Educational and Ancillary Research Grants, in addition to donation practices, comply with applicable laws and regulations. At BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals, we also recognise guidelines such as those promoted by PhRMA, the BIA, and ABPI. For accredited education grants, at a minimum, requesting organisations must meet the principles and standards outlined by national (e.g. USA ACCME) or regional (UEMS-EACCME) accrediting bodies.

Types of Grants Eligible for Funding

Educational Grants

Educational Grants we consider supporting encompass:

  • CME / third-party education
  • Patient advocacy
  • Patient education programmes
  • Local activities in the areas of health and science

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Ancillary Research Grants

Ancillary Research Grants we consider supporting encompass:

  • Medical writing support for publishing independent research
  • Support to fund data analysis related to independent research
  • Funding to support a research fellow’s contribution to a specific research project (for a specified period of time)

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Charitable Donations

A Charitable Donation is a donation to an organisation with legal standing as determined by local law.

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Areas of Focus

Educational Grants, Ancillary Research Grants and Charitable Donations are carried out according to our medical strategy. Our areas of therapeutic interest include antidotes that alleviate toxicity and treat rare conditions, specifically counteracting snake venom and the toxicity associated with some heart and cancer medications.

Grants FAQ

FAQs about the Grants Process  

  • Applications for an educational grant must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the start date of the activity in order to be reviewed and approved in time. BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals does not accept grant requests submitted less than 90 days before the program start date.
  • All Grant requests will be reviewed by our Medical and legal team.
  • BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals makes every effort to review grants in a timely manner and typically will provide a response within 30 days from the time of submission.

  • If approved, we will begin the electronic signatory process for the Letter of Agreement and request an invoice. Payment will be processed upon receipt of both an executed Letter of Agreement and Invoice. This process may take up to 30 days.
  • Grants must be limited to a reasonable estimate of the cost of the grant-funded activities and will be issued to support only the costs associated with the development, delivery or evaluation of the educational program, resources, or materials.

    Items not considered for funding include:
    • Travel, lodging, honoraria, registration expenses or personal expenses for attendees
    • Compensation for attendees
    • Lavish venues or meals (time at the meals or receptions should be subordinate to the amount of time spent at the educational activities of the meeting). Meals provided to attendees in conjunction with a program should be modest and in a manner conducive to a group educational environment (e.g., buffet).
    • Grants may not cover solely the cost of meals. It is acceptable for a portion of a grant to cover meals/refreshments only if the meals/refreshments are (i) modest and conducive to discussion among faculty and healthcare professional attendees, and (ii) allow primary focus to remain on the educational portion of the event funded by the grant.
    • Operating expenses (e.g., equipment, salaries, benefits, journal subscriptions, textbooks, business meetings, etc.)
    • Staff/professional development
    • Retroactive support
    • Entertainment, sporting or social events
    • Advertising space
    • Promotional exhibits or display space
    • Consulting or other services or goods provided to BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals
    • Programs where any of the speakers work for BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals (if accredited)
    • Grants to any individual healthcare provider or group of doctors in private practice
    • Other costs that are neither reasonable nor customary
  • Please click on the links below to access the budget templates. The budget templates were developed to help consistently categorize the financial components of an educational intervention from activity planning to continuous assessment and reconciliation. These templates are a guideline only and are not mandatory for grant submission.
  • If you have any questions with the application process, please contact the BTG Grant Administrator at